Welcome to YABEMY


We're excited to announce the new YABEMY marketplace platform.

Our goal is to offer our vendors a one-stop-shop for their customers to find the products and  services they need in the easiest way possible.

We have achieved this by:

  • Giving the clients a centralized place with all the available products of all the vendors
  • Giving every vendor a private unique marketplace showcasing their own products
  • Giving every vendor the ability to control their Marketplace with a simple interface.
  • Integrating with services like eBay syncing, Paypal and others.
  • Offering a simple monthly flat rate with no commission.
  • Offering a wide choice of shipping integration
  • Letting you use your own direct payment processor.  Meaning that sales amount goes directly in your account without going through us.

We also offer other advanced options such as :

  • Dedicated URL for the private marketplace
  • Mailings/Newsletter
  • Custom styling and layouts

We hope that our new marketplace will increase your sales and lower your operating fees.  We hope to be your partner that will grow with your business.

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